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“How to Conquer Food Cravings”

“How to Conquer Food Cravings” @drjasonfung


Low Carb Numbers Don’t Lie

As a Financial Professional by trade, one thing I’ve come to learn is that numbers don’t lie. It’s now been a little over 3 months since I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, and also 3 months since I implemented the low carb lifestyle, so a lab test was due.

Both my doctor and I are pleased with the results.


As anyone who has been on a low carb diet can attest to, your blood sugar number will certainly improve. How can it NOT when you’re not forcing your body to produce excessive insulin due to excessive carbohydrate consumption. As the chart above shows, that’s exactly what happen. On December 13, 2016 my Hemoglobin A1C was at 11.9%, which is definitely in the full blown diabetes category. As the guidelines state “ADA recommends reevaluation of therapy:>8.0%.”

After just 3 months of implementing the old low carb strategies the Hemoglobin A1C number is now at 6.1%, which is almost normal. According to the guidelines, “Increased risk for future Diabetes.” I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like the Diabetes has been reversed. In fact according to the numbers, I am just 0.6% away from the “Non-Diabetic patient” category.

Now, for everyone out there that consistently bashes low carb diets, due to the “It’s bad for your health, and will increase your cholesterol idea.” Here are the results of eating a low carb, high fat diet over the last 3 months.


As you can see from the graph, the Cholesterol total went down from a previous 325 to 232 mg/dL, HDL increased from 29 to 36 mg/dL, and my personal favorite, the Triglycerides , whichcame down from a whopping 1499 to 133 mg/dL.

Overall, I can say with complete confidence that the Low Carb Lifestyle is not just a strategy to help you get ripped for a bodybuilding contest, but also a great strategy to improve your health.