Naturol Evolution

It all started back in 2003. Well, probably much earlier than that, if you count the years I’ve been bodybuilding, and studying the sport.

However, in 2003 the internet was starting to come alive. Most people were already online to some degree.

Back then it was not as simple, as it is today, to just go on Facebook or Twitter, and create an online profile. If you wanted to get your name and profile online, you basically had to create your own webpage. So that’s what I did. I created my own webpage to market myself, as a Natural Bodybuilder.

It was during that year, when I competed in the 2003 Aloha Natural Muscle Classic, that I met a few competitors, who also wanted their own webpage. Since I had already created, I told them to send me their Bio and photos, and I’d put it up on the website.

I also met a now dear friend of mine, by the name of Renee Paz, who designed custom competition posing suits. She pretty much worked with most of Hawaii’s top competitors. I told her what I was doing with Natural Muscle Hawaii, and she started sending all the Natural competitors my way. The site continued to grow in the number of Natural competitors it showcased.

However, as the web evolved, and social media started taking over, the need to provide a webpage for the Natural athlete slowly diminished.

In recent years, with the flood of information at your fingertips through social media and blogs. With a growing awareness of the low carb lifestyle, and more and more people jumping on the fitness bandwagon it is time for a Natural Health & Fitness evolution. is the next step in that evolution process. A blog/website designed around, not just Natural Bodybuilding, but also dedicated to Natural Health, Fitness, and reversing diseases through proper diet and exercise.

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